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Friday, November 13, 2009

Direct SAT TV - Your Satellite TV Solution

Almost all people use television as the number-one entertainment media. If you want to watch television with over 150 digital chanels you should use Direct SAT TV. Until now, more than 18 million household chose DirectTV. Why ? The reasons are :
1. Worry - FREE 99.9% signal reliability.
2. 100% digital picture & sound on every channel.
3. Access to over 130 HD Channels.
4. No equipment to buy ! No start up cost !
5. #1 in Customer satisfaction.

The Package of Direct SAT TV :
1. Premier
Its an ultimate entertainment package, its more than 265 channels including 31 premium
movie channels, an it just $59,99/month.
2. Plus HD DVR
Its and ultimate HD Package, its more than 200 channels including 67 Satellite Radio channels. It just $49,99/month.
3. Plus DVR
Its for the TV Fan on the Go. Its more than 200 channels including 67 Satellite Radio channels and DVR service. It just $39,99/month.
4. Choice Extra
Its for TV Lover ! Its more than 200 channels including 67 Satellite Radio channels. It just $34,99/month.
5. Choice
Its a basic entertainment package. Its more than 150 channels including 52 Satellite Radio channels. It just $29,99/month.
6. Family
Its a family entertainment package. Offering Parental Controls and over 45 channels suitable for all ages.

Just make your choice and I suggest you to order Direct SAT TV right now, because the best channels are waiting for you !!

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Traveller said...

It nice..
I think I'll order it next month..
ThaNks 4 ur information..

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dk n co said...

tky 4 info

Andry said...

A great advantage of Direct satellite TV is that you can pause, record and play TV again! Direct Video Recording (DVR) technology allows you to do that.

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